The Allies Book Club

What is the Allies Book Club?

The Allies Book Club is a book club that seeks to allow its members to take ownership of their own education on race and racism. The club is a space for those who want to be allies to unpick their inherited racial biases and interrogate their own relationship with white supremacy. It is an open and non-judgemental space for learning and self-development. 

What books does the book club cover?

We read a variety of texts that cover race, ethnicity, and religion. These texts are chosen to challenge white supremacist narratives and biases. Members are involved in selecting texts and raising recommendations, which can be books, podcasts, poems, or any other type of media. Our focus is on doing the work needed to become better allies to BIPOC.

How does the book club operate?

The Allies Book Club meets every other Tuesday from 12:00-13:00 on Teams. The format and function of the sessions is based on the circle way: every member of the group is encouraged to 'share the air' with others and to listen with curiosity and an open mind. You can find out more about this in our terms of reference.

How do I join?

You can join the book club by subscribing to the mailing list. Someone will then invite you to the regular meeting. Watch out for the confirmation email when you subscribe, which will contain information on the text that is currently being covered!


Please contact Emily Hotine or Laura Epton